A quick recap of Delta T Closed Beta: Thank you for playing!

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  • 2017-12-13


We are done crunching some critical numbers for the beta and are humbled by the response we’ve got so far for Delta T’s closed beta. We reached close to 16,000 installs during the span of the closed beta and close to 35,000 signups for the open beta purely through in-game invites.

These invites are an encouragement and a reassurance of the promise that the game holds and pushes us to make the open beta a much more polished product. We were also pleasantly surprised by the retention numbers we saw for the beta which were well above industry standards.

We thank every player who has taken the effort to pen down and share their thoughts with us as they have been instrumental in the development of the open beta. We took the hard decision to take a four-month hiatus between the closed and open beta to focus our entire attention on working on player feedback rather than push a half-baked product.

The Open beta for Delta T is scheduled for March 2018 and will be a complete revamp in terms of both gameplay and user experience. We can’t reveal too much at the early stages but the feedback we have received on the Clan gameplay and battles front forced us to rethink the entire mechanic to make it much simpler and intuitive than before.

The new mechanics will make it much more fun for players even while playing solo and will help tackle some of the major concerns we faced with the beta. We have also worked on making the game more accessible to rural players by ensuring that the mechanics do not limit players in collaborating across geographies.

We will be keeping players updated on the progress through social media and you are welcome to check in on us via Telegram.


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