The time has come to step up and battle. Enter the Augmented Reality universe of Delta T and fulfill your destiny of becoming a Timekeeper. The battleground is all around you, it is ever changing and treacherous.

In this dystopian future the four Megacorps rule supreme. A great war looms on the horizon, it threatens the end of human civilization as we know it. The only way out is to end this war before it even begins.

Erase the timelines of your rival Megacorps and claim control of the String Network. The Megacorp that masters the network will emerge victorious and will shape the future of mankind.

Pick your Megacorp and fight for the future you believe in.

Megacorp Origins
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Enter the Augmented Reality MMO gameverse of Delta T. You play as a Timekeeper, capable of altering the timeline and leading your chosen Megacorp to victory in the near future.

An ambitious AR MMO with a sci-fi storyline of epic proportions. This story is driven by you, your decisions impact the game worldwide.

Location-based gameplay, Base building, Multiplayer battles, Urban exploration through AR and more await you in the highly anticipated open beta.

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A quick recap of Delta T Closed Beta: Thank you for playing!
by DeltaT Admin 2017-12-13

We are done crunching some critical numbers for the beta and are humbled by the response we’ve got so far for Delta T’s closed beta. We...

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Leveraging communities in mobile gaming.
by DeltaT Admin 2017-08-30

Almost every game today be it PC, console or mobile has some element of multiplayer gameplay. Thi...

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We’re completely revamping our mining mechanic, here’s the scoop!
by DeltaT Admin 2017-10-11

Over the past few weeks we received a lot of feedback from the community on t...

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